Habbi – Personal Hero

Episode Summary

The world Habbi (Hrefna Helgadóttir) moves in can best be described as the intersection of music, business, and technology. These are the industries she formally joined in 2014, but has been around since always. There is a single individual who indisputably has mastered the intersection of these disciplines. Over this exact time period she has impacted how tech companies and the industry negotiate with artists, and her way of doing things becomes a template others follow. It is someone who has built an empire using an empathetic insight into the wants of her own audience as the guiding light for the decisions she makes. The status this person has to Habbi is no secret. Yet, not everyone sees it from this perspective – and if the subject ever gets brought up to Habbi directly, it's normally with a cautious: "so, what is with the Taylor Swift thing?".